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Economy & Industry Boycott ‘The Free Market’

January 14, 2009
A Boston Tea Party protest notice

A Boston Tea Party protest notice

‘Taxation Without Representation’

This principle – ‘taxation without representation’ – is the root in our democracy, and it blooms a flower of unity to boycott an oppressive force. The ‘boycott’ – The Boston Tea Party – this event made us what we are. Being the representatives of our value, of our resources, allowed for us to control the value of our land. The boycott economy is a “Cooperative’s Manifesto”.

Boycotts are ‘divisive’. They demarcate rights and nobility to organized individuals. When used, the boycott separates a purchasing power from the profit of exploitation. This cooperative power can then be an opportunity to re-invest a broken capitol into the local market, into a “cooperative economy”.

How do we ensure the 21st century boycott?

In terms of America’s addiction to oil, organized movements would allocate capitol to rebuild infrastructures around the electric rail and public transit. In the paradigm of food: one needs a direct alternative to replenish the product (such as a local grower or, given the product is sensitive to regional growth, the boycotter must make the decision to sacrifice the out of seasons luxuries, and accept the alternative given).

A boycott is capable of stripping capitol away from the company targeted. It also (when replacements exist) is deconstructing the global market ideology, and this can unite community members on similar interests. It can inject capitol to manageable resources. It brings a “village” like chain reaction to communicate a necessary interest.

It may also have negative effects. The ‘Freidmanic Free Market’ miscreants have used forceful solutions in order to protect the retailers from bankruptcy, and to keep society within the consent of the market interest. This is commonly represented as ‘reform’, ‘bailout’, ‘crisis’, ’emergency’, ‘continuity’, ‘smooth transition’, or ‘stimulus’ on the nightly news.

Though, a boycott represents something entirely different. A boycott represents personal sacrifice, cooperation and loyalty: in other words, “dynamic change”. Participants will have to shed their vanity for ‘perfect’ looking products – for ‘free market idealism’.  Imperfections will be welcomed and embraced by this thinking.

Ideas of a ‘perfect product’ – of a ‘perfect economy’ – have been formed by companies who mass produce items for quantity, not quality; for convenience… and for illusions, not truth. For example, apples have a naturally occurring wax that allows them to retain moisture after picking. However, during preparation for the supermarket, the apple wax is removed through extensive washing. The processor will then apply a different wax, usually sourced from other plants, food grade petroleum (oil), or insects – and in some cases from dairy or other animal products. A primary function of the re-waxing is to enhance the appearance of a shiny red delicious apple. Now, this appearance cannot be removed from the surface of the fruit through general washing. (

Overall, boycotts (I might add) are not strikes. They ought to involve careful planning and leadership, strong support to alternative resources and adjacent communities and protection from the brutalities of the commercially funded garrison state called into control the domestic disturbance.

The alternatives exist to erase the companies who hoodwink indigenous/citizens rights to valuable raw resources. Wal-Mart, Meijer, Starbucks, Monsanto – etc… these corporations have no business in our culture. But society, individuals, you and I must erase the companies who control and regulate our lives to increase their market advantage, which do not regard an ethic in their decision-making and only answer to the dollar. We are, literally, market data, to them all. We, the demographic and psychographic, are all expendable and replaceable within their economy.

Corporate outlets have taken over the entire county. When agricultural entities are unable to grow the demand of consumers, then something is amiss in our economic relationship. Debt, from government programs and chemical companies, who in the campaigning for bio-fuels and the farm-bill, caused these farmlands to yield bio-fuel energies, not edible ones. For five months out of the year Erie County, Ohio generates more capitol and tourism than any other area in the state. Yet, in a community flooded with excess capitol our reflections of prosperity are null.

Why are our Farmers not supplying the restaurants where tourists gather and returning a capitol resource within the community?

Furthermore, our connection to injustice is profound. The global cycle of our purchases are interwoven to the advancement of harms and violations enacted upon environmental resources, and, therefore – people. We, as citizens of a responsible nature, are responsible to show others what a corporate economy produces and how it can be changed. ‘We’ can do better.

The alternative for Erie County is to cooperate for “economic sovereignty”.

  • To replace the corporate image with a local identity.
  • To centralize commerce back into the downtown.
  • Stop all xenobiotic developments from being used! Take them out of the plastic grocery bag, and demand the plastic bags be discontinued.
  • To take back the commercial enterprises by owning, again, the means of communication and production on a local scale. By showing, through articles provided by independent resources and others, the true injustice our current consumption causes to everyone.

Talk to the agricultural communities. Bring them together to cultivate foods based on local consumption. Make their efforts the backbone of our cultural identification. If they cannot produce oranges, then don’t eat them. Find supplements. Be the difference in this fruitbelt by enjoying the fruits of the county.

This is not an attempt to divide our personal interests. Rather, it’s an attempt to divide our market interests. The voice of “Capitol Circulation” ensures all of us are valued. It is in this respect that a “Cooperative Economy” will secure the strongest economy in our lifetime.

By J.B. Pribanic: Co-Founder of “The Erie Wire”


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