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The Edible City

January 21, 2009

Carrot City: Designing for Urban Agriculture


Carrot City: Designing for Urban Agriculture 
Exhibit: February 25th – April 30th 2009 – Free Admission
Opening reception: March 3rd 2009
Design Exchange, Toronto

Exhibition Overview

This exhibition will show how the design of cities and buildings is enabling the production of food in the city. It will explore the role that creative design professionals have in relation to the food system of cities, and the impact that agricultural issues will have on the design of urban spaces and buildings as society addresses the issues of a more sustainable pattern of living. The focus will be on how the increasing interest in growing food within the city, supplying food locally, and food security in general is changing urban design and built form.

The exhibition will show projects in Toronto and other Canadian cities, illustrating how they are changing cities and buildings. It will also include relevant international examples to show how ideas from other countries can be integrated into the Canadian experience. The exhibition will contain a mix of realised projects and speculative design proposals that illustrate the potential for future design that focuses on food issues.


The exhibition will explore a number of issues related to the design for urban agriculture, through a series of case studies, and products and systems. These will be works principally in Canada but also including other relevant projects. It will include a balance between selected projects that were recently completed or are currently under way, and visionary speculative ideas projects by professional designers as well as students. In addition to the projects, a range of products will illustrate technologies and systems that are innovating food production approaches in urban contexts. Some of the main themes to be featured include:

• What is the place of food in the city?
• How are “waste” spaces being transformed by food projects?
• What are the implications on materials, technologies and structures?

The content will include boards with images and explanatory text, models, installations, and videos.

See complete brochure here.

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