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Note to Gardener

January 29, 2009


Jane Gorsuch, now 83, was 16 in this 1942 Victory Garden movie

We’ve featured this film before, both on our old site and on this web site back in April 2008. Today we feature it once again because of an amazing letter we received today from the young girl who acted in this movie almost 70 years ago! Family members spotted our posting of the video last year and surprised their grandmother with a copy of it at Christmas this year. Here is Jane’s letter, which continues on the next page.

Email from Jane Dudderar Gorsuch.

Hello, Mr, Michael Levenson. I am writing to thank you for the time and effort it took for you to post the Victory Garden movie. My name is Jane Dudderar Gorsuch and I am the girl in that movie. I had never seen the movie before, – only still pictures, so this was quite a treat. I was 16 years old then and am 83 now. The movie brought back a lot of the details that were lost over the years. My family gave it to me for Christmas, and we all (22) huddled around to see their old grandmother being a “movie star”!!!!

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