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Sandusky University? – Building a Sustainable City

May 26, 2009

This editorial is the first from The Erie Wire that addresses the need for Sustainable Solutions within Sandusky.

The Keller Building located in downtown Sandusky, which is one of many vacant buildings looking to be developed.

The Keller Building located in downtown Sandusky, which is one of many vacant buildings looking to be developed.

SANDUSKY, OH – The City of Sandusky hears a lot of talk about potential – marinas, ice skating rinks, roller coasters and seasonal fascinations – yet there’s little discussion about bringing long-term solutions to the gap in earnings suffered during the Cedar Point off season.

Long-term solutions can simply be interpreted as ideas for institutions, or vacant property, designed to ensure generational opportunity or provide sustainable resources to a staple need within a community.

“What are staple needs?” – things like education, manufacturing (but with products that neutralize extraction of whatever resource is necessary for the product), agriculture or food, healthcare and public services (utilities, etc…) can all reflect staples necessary for a society to function.

Sandusky has the functional institutions in place to provide at least three of the staple needs: healthcare, public services and agriculture. While we may debate how these institutions operate, they are still available for improvement and serve a purpose within the city. This leaves Sandusky with education and manufacturing as an echoing problem for the sustainable future of the city. We believe that ideas are going to come before the machine, so we can begin with education.

Sandusky is in need of a post-secondary institution for the downtown to draw interest during the Cedar Point off season, and begin to build a cultural framework for young and older people to join into. A framework free from the illusory fascinations of “hangman solutions” dancing in a daze of sensational boat extravaganzas, and flashing casino boardwalks; and, rather, a place that takes the future of the city seriously, that works to imagine long-term solutions for the city and builds a sustainable paradigm for the precious resources found in and around our neighborhoods. While this idea is going to need a regimented strategic plan, it’s not impractical to see “Sandusky University” as the stepping stone into a more sustainable future. (More on this topic will be published during June.)

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Note: This presentation would require the speakers to interpret the information within the slides.

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