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Sustainability: Our Future – “The World in 2050”

July 27, 2009

The World in 2050

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*published by Fora Radio & Disseminated by The Erie Wire

The nine billionth human is about to be born. What might that future world be like, and what has happened in the intervening 41 years?

An expert panel discuss migration, the environment, media, health, politics, the economy and human population.

Highlights from UTS Speaks: A hypothetical future: how will world population impact us in 50 years?


Professor Jill McKeough
Faculty of Law University of Technology, Sydney

Professor Derek Eamus
Environmental Science University of Technology, Sydney

Professor Dexter Dunphy AM
Business and Sustainability University of Technology, Sydney

Professor Peter Manning
Adjunct Professor, Journalism University of Technology, Sydney

Michelle Rumsey
International Health & WHO University of Technology,Sydney

Moderator: Paul Willis
ABC Catalyst

Further Information

Listen to the Full Discussion. UTSpeaks: A hypothetical future


Paul Barclay


Ian Coombe

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