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SANDUSKY, OH – Art & Culture | Jason Singer | Coffehouse Reading Series

August 4, 2009

July Musings (A Season Too Brief)

By Jason Singer

The town aflutter with those from afar,
Blown to the Bay by leisure’s buoying breeze.
Shoreline shimmering under the Summer Star,
Its halcyon waters put the mind at ease.
Thing of the past — Old Man Winter’s chilled breath.
Rawness replaced by Helios’ rays.
Greenhouse’s greens of immeasurable breadth,
Its floral formations wow and amaze.
Stroll to the farmer’s market one block south,
Berries and melons and other sweet treats.
The produce producing joy for one’s mouth,
Say “Hi” to Josh and Lauren, they can’t be beat.
Raspberries, peppers and pattypan squash,
Tomatoes as red as the sinking sun.
Ice cream at Toft’s, souls and palettes awash,
With flavors and freshness, o what fun!
But soon — too soon — Persephone will leave,
Bringing an end to our summer divine,
Autumn brings cool, the changing of leaves,
Winter encroaching on Helios’ shine.
But with sun and shore, our souls doth healed,
We’ll enjoy this season, its tide we’ll ride,
How sweet I’ll roam all the shores and fields,
And explore and taste all of summer’s prides.

singer_header_mainJason Singer is the city reporter at the Sandusky Register. When not playing golf or covering city politics, he writes screenplays, short stories and poems. Jason is a proud member of the Erie Fresh CSA. Look for him at the Academy Awards as winner of the Best Original Screenplay in February 2012.


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