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A Nation of Drug Users­: Food Chain Radio Offers Conversation About Pharmaceuticals in Our Water

February 1, 2010

We are a nation of drug users­.  We take them in the morning to wake up, at midday to stay awake, and at night to sleep. Our use leads us to ask…

What happens to the drugs when we are finished with them?

This past Saturday, January 30, Michael Olson’s Food Chain Radio hosted Alan Roberson from the American Water Works Association and George Mannina, Esq. with Nossaman Law, for a conversation about pharmaceuticals in the drinking water.

Topics include how pharmaceuticals get into our drinking water; what impact those drugs might have on our bodies; and what can be done to mitigate the impact.

Listen on your radio, computer or IPOD: Food Chain Radio

International agricultural businesses that provide farmers with drugs being found in our water are, rather, major pharmaceutical companies. This chart, provided by Phil Howard's work (assistant professor at Michigan State University), illustrates a web of connections from your medical bills to how food is produced.

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