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BOWLING GREEN, OH – Erie Fresh Speaks to BGSU: The Food System & CSA’s

February 1, 2010

The following speech was recorded at BGSU in Overman Hall for a presentation sponsored by the Environmental Science Department. Lauren C. Berlekamp and Joshua B. Pribanic (co-founders of Erie County Coalition for Local Resources) presented on “The Food System” and what relationship Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is playing on the way consumers interact with food today. Below is an image to a PDF of the Power Point presented by ECCLR’s co-founders.

(Note: this recording may take a minute to load: please be patient. Also, some recordings do not play well on built-in computer speakers; and would require headphones or a strong set of speakers attached to your computer.)

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Lauren C. Berlekamp discussing food additives in the Industrial Food System.

John Riehm pointing out nutritional tests from food grown for Riehm's CSA, and how it compared to his neighbor's crop.

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  1. February 21, 2010 9:02 pm

    Very nice and condensed presentation. I have read a book (who’s author and name of book escapes me….I suck at remembering names…except Lauren of course lol…must be the poison in my food!) that describes the use and difficulties of these seeds and pesticides. From what I recall, are not the next crop and the seeds themselves dependant on the new chemicals added? Are they not actually mutated strains? You are right about the people not being informed. I think simply letting people know not JUST how bad some of these chemicals added to food is bad, (way to go on the Aspartime Lauren 😉 ) but actually how GOOD true organic food is! It is hard to find, but when I can i do. Naturally organic food is larger, tastier and more filling, and obviously… taste better. How is it people cannot see the trend toward more cancer and diabetes in a medically technological enviornment that we live in? We all have one thing in common…..we eat. Chances are, we are all eating from the same “crop”. Also, I think one of the problems are lableing of foods as organic. It is too easy of a “pass” to be able to be labled this way. I do not have a problem with large companies owning most of our food growth share. However, I have disdain toward government agencies (EPA,FDA etc) allowing the use of such poison in out food system. They claim to be the guardians of our health, then let the guards beat us to death.
    I always try to purchase food from local/private supply when at all possible. My parents live in Sugarcreek, OH which is a place that you can actually get healthy grown meat. (sorry, I do believe meat is good for you). The meat is actually cheaper! and holy-cow!! (yes pun-intended) the meat is actually red and not fatty! What a concept! I understand that raising animals in this manner is more difficult in large numbers for “world” food supply, but why is it large companies do not find a way?
    I believe it all comes down to a simple fact that people want everything easy….including their dinner, lunch and breakfast. It is easier to drive through Rally’s than make dinner at home. Don’t get me wrong…I do the same, but would much rather “do it myself”.
    People need to understand the importance of what they actually put in their mouths is more important than what comes out.
    If people would see somebody place some of these chemicals on their food AFTER preperation…it would be thrown in the garbage.
    Sorry for ranting….
    thank you for sharing the post…
    David from Brookpark
    P.S. Lauren makes a great Pinnaple upside-down cake!

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