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HURON, OH – Art & Culture | Native American Dance

February 22, 2010

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This past Wednesday, the Cedar Point Center on the BGSU Firelands campus was the site of a cultural awareness presentation featuring internationally renowned performer Kevin Locke.

Kevin is known throughout the world as a visionary Hoop Dancer, a traditional storyteller, the preeminent player of the indigenous Northern Plains flute, cultural ambassador, recording artist, and educator. Kevin is Lakota and Anishinabe. His Lakota name, Tokeya Inajin, means “The First to Arise.” While his early instructions were received from his immediate family and community, Kevin has learned from his extended family in every part of the world many lessons in global citizenship. His programs feature historic, authentic dance and music from the artists’ traditions: Lakota, Comanche, Choctaw, Oneida, Ojibwe and Cree.

Engaging the all-ages audience to dance with him, his presentation focused on how we each can draw from our individual heritages to create a vibrant, evolving civilization that embraces and celebrates our collective heritage. The hoops he uses represent the circle of life and the notion that life cycles on earth are entirely interdependent on shared vitality.

Visit his website

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