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ERIE COUNTY, OH – Interview: Solid Waste Management District | Recycling | Local Haulers | The Landfill Debt

March 15, 2010

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District Coordinator Lisa Beursken of the Erie County Solid Waste Management District sits down with The Erie Wire to talk about the Solid Waste Management Advisory Council (SWAC), curbside recycling, the role of local haulers and how the Erie County Landfill could potentially begin to pay off their debt amid a recycling community. Recycling has become a sensitive topic within Erie County, threatening  local haulers to be outbid by larger facilities and creating an uncomfortable future for a landfill that depends on the tonnage of incoming waste to pay its bills. Local efforts can be threatened or supported by decisions made by the statewide SWAC, which is currently in favor of encouraging a future where Ohio becomes a model state for all recycling communities.

Read Draft for Erie County Solid Waste Management District Master Plan. This plan is open to public comment until March 23rd, 2010. Forms can be filled out and printed for updates by clicking on the image below.

Read last weeks installment about SWAC’s plan for recycling and greenhouse gas reductions.

To find out more about the Erie Solid Waste Management District visit their website:

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