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SANDUSKY, OH – Public Opinion on Tap Water & Bottled Water

March 23, 2010

In Part Two of Cassandra Lagunzad’s series on water, she interviewed patrons outside of the Sandusky Library about their views on Erie County tap water. Residents interviewed were asked if they drank tap water; their opinions on the water’s taste, safety and overall quality; whether they used a water filter at home; and whether or not they drank bottled water? The intention of these interviews was to explore public opinion on the water they drink. The responses were varied, often lively and at times unconventional.

Part Two was inspired by a correspondence with computer animator Ashley Gerst, former Cleveland, Ohio resident (current New York City resident) and her reaction to The New York Times’ Toxic Waters Series. Gerst had this to say about Cleveland’s water, “I’ve always heard horrible things about Cleveland’s water, but never heard any facts. It just seemed like everyone disapproved of it.”

On the topic of taste, Gerst responded “I think Cleveland’s water tastes better, but I guess I’m biased because I’ve lived there for 24 years before coming here. I think the water [in New York City] tastes like someone boiled those white mushrooms in it and gave it to me to drink.”

On the topic of bottled water, Gerst stated, “I find it a little weird in general that people feel the need to buy bottled water since it’s such a fundamental part of our existence.” Suggesting, clean water ought to be a public right and not a profitable resource to be exploited by private interests.

More on these topics in Part Three of this series on Water.

Norma Weibel being interviewed at the Sandusky Library. photo: The Erie Wire

Read Part 1

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