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SANDUSKY, OH – Brownfields Revisited: Master Plan | Podcast

April 26, 2010

The Erie Wire attended the two most recent meetings of the Sandusky City Brownfields Committee (BFC) where after attention from local entrepreneurs Bob Waldock and Lance Warner – in the interest of the DC Filter site – the 2010 committee was set in motion.

In March the BFC revisited an option to obtain USEPA funding for a Phase I and Phase II of the DC Filter site.  After a silent agreement for this option, the committee re-prioritized a list of sites for immediate action and concluded these sites to be from the highest to lowest priority: 1. DC Filter, 2. Sandusky Cabinets, 3. Coal Tar Plume, 4. Lions Park, 5. Ice House, 6. Keller asbestos and TCE. Other property mentioned as lowest on the list – Dixon Ticonderoga, Tricor, Jackson Street Parking Lot and the Water Street Parking Lot.

April’s meeting brainstormed for a Master Plan for the BFC. A question introduced by Bob Haag, the contracted facilitator from Haag Environmental, set the course for discussion: “What type(s) of development would the committee like to see on a Brownfield: Commercial, Residential, Recreational and/or Industrial?” Listen below to the following podcast recording the one hour discussion about a Master Plan for development of the Brownfields.

For more about Brownfields read “The Laissez-Faire Approach”

Participants of the Sandusky City Brownfields Committee:

City Commission: Dan Kaman (Chair)
City Staff: No current participant
Real Estate: Joe Hayberger, Frank Fosco
Developers: Lance Warner, Gene Hawk
Industry/Business: Mark Harrington, Nate Lichtcsien, Tony Guerra
Environmental Activists: Tim Schwanger, Barry Riddle, Lauren Berlekamp, Joshua Pribanic
Health Department: Bob England
Other – County: Steve Poggiali
Other – Interested Citizens: Ned Bromm, Sharon Johnson, Nancy McKeen,
Kathie Mueller, Wesley Poole, Shirley Schwanger
Contracted Facilitators: Ruth Haag, Bob Haag

(Note: this is a long recording, and will take a minute to load: please be patient. Also, some recordings do not play well on built-in computer speakers; and would require headphones or a strong set of speakers attached to your computer.)

City of Sandusky Brownfields Committee | April | Podcast

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