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ERIE COUNTY, OH – Interview: Old Milan Canal Farm | Part 2 | Podcast

May 3, 2010

When purchasing your next quart of strawberries, Doug Hildebrand wants you to remember your local farmer. For almost 30 years, Hildebrand has operated Old Milan Canal Farm outside of conventional farming practices,  refusing to depend on chemical applications for high yields. Listen to the story of the once multi-million dollar entrepreneur, and his efforts to re-create a lost culture in Erie County, OH.

Listen to Part 1

(Note: this recording may take a minute to load: please be patient. Also, some recordings do not play well on built-in computer speakers; and would require headphones or a strong set of speakers attached to your computer.)

Old Milan Canal Farm | Podcast | Part 2

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Doug Hildebrand at his farm on 2904 E. Mason Rd Milan, OH. photo: Joshua B. Pribanic

An eye (bottom left corner) cut from a potato to be sown. photo: Joshua B. Pribanic

A potato plant. photo: Joshua B. Pribanic



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