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ERIE COUNTY, OH – Interview: Wisteria Hill Farm & The Cookie Factory | Part 1 | Podcast

May 10, 2010

Once upon a time in Sandusky the Wisteria Hill Cookie Factory employed 145 people with a living wage and stood to gain full market control in the state of Ohio amidst a nationwide takeover of small businesses. In this week’s “On The Wire” podcast, listen to how a multimillion dollar industry was forced to close its doors after politics and big box stores helped dismantle two decades of success while banks refused to finance a simple re-structure of the industry.

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(Note: this recording may take a minute to load: please be patient. Also, some recordings do not play well on built-in computer speakers; and would require headphones or a strong set of speakers attached to your computer.)

Wisteria Hill Farm & The Cookie Factory | Podcast | Part 1

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Wisteria Hill Farm produced 11 million dozen cookies a year before closing its doors in 2001. photo: Joshua B. Pribanic

Wisteria Hill Farm held a regular stand at the Sandusky Farmers Market at the end of Columbus Avenue before the construction of the Shade-Mylander Plaza. photo: Joshua B. Pribanic

photo: Joshua B. Pribanic



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