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OREGON, OH – Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Update: Toxins in Lake Erie | Podcast

May 24, 2010

This past week, the Great Lakes United States Policy Committee met at the Maumee Bay State Park Lodge to publicly discuss the progress of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. Representatives from the U.S. EPA provided updated information regarding the scientific approach that will lend to the policy considerations for regulating toxins, nutrients, and aquatic invasive species. This meeting also allowed the organizations who will receive funding from the initiative, the public and other stakeholders to ask questions and express their concerns.

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(Note: this recording may take a minute to load: please be patient. Also, some recordings do not play well on built-in computer speakers; and would require headphones or a strong set of speakers attached to your computer.)

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Update | Toxins in the Great Lakes | Podcast

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EPA speaker, Ted Smith, for the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement on Toxins in the Great Lakes. photo: Jenna Martin

Kristy Meyer the Director of Clean Water Programs for the Ohio Environmental Council comments on pollution and toxins. photo: Jenna Martin


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