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COLUMBUS, OH – American Municipal Power Makes Historic Solar Energy Investment

June 14, 2010

AMP’s agreement with Standard Energy will provide Ohioans with clean,renewable power produced in Buckeye State

Photograph of the Solar Powered automated information kioske at the Bowling Green Wind Farm operated by AMP. In the background are the two northern wind turbine towers, which were dedicated in November 2004 at a cost of $4 million. Located east of Bowling Green, Ohioen, it is the first utility-sized wind farm in the state. photo: ©2009 Dustin M. Ramsey (wikimedia commons)

The Ohio Environmental Council is applauding American Municipal Power (AMP) for an historic investment in solar energy resources.

On Tuesday, AMP, Ohio’s largest municipal electric supplier, announced that it would partner with Standard Energy to design and implement 300 megawatts of solar power generation capacity.

Under the terms of the agreement, AMP will offer power from Standard Energy to its 128 member utilities in six states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia. The agreement involves the installation of solar electric facilities in or near participating AMP member communities, placing the facilities close to the load these utilities serve, resulting in reduced complexities associated with Regional Transmission Organization (RTO)-run markets. Construction on the first of these projects is expected to begin this year, with construction of all facilities to be completed within five years. Locations for installation sites for future projects are still being determined.

AMP distributes power to 82 Ohio communities.

“This agreement represents one of the largest solar energy investments in the region,” saidWill Reisinger, OEC staff attorney. “We are pleased that AMP continues to invest inrenewable power and that it will offer its customers more emissions-free solar energy.”

Under the agreement, construction of the new solar facilities will begin this year. The energy produced also may qualify as “renewable energy credits” that can be sold or traded to Ohio’s investor-owned utilities, all of which must achieve annual solar energy benchmarks under Ohio’s renewable energy standard.

“AMP’s investment could ensure that all Ohio utilities are able to meet their solar energy requirements in the coming years,” added Reisinger.

AMP operates the only utility-scale wind power farm in Ohio at its Wood County facility, inaddition to coal and hydro-electric-based generation facilities.


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