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SANDUSKY, OH – Sandusky Bay Farmers’ Market & Kids Art Fest | 06-25-10 | Slideshow

June 30, 2010

Nora Burns carrying home chard from Old Milan Canal Farm. photo: Jenna Martin

Community members and tourists gathered Friday afternoon – 06/25/10 – at the Sandusky Bay Famers’ Market to experience this seasons fourth available harvest in the Jackson Street Parking Lot. The many faces and available goods were captured by The Erie Wire’s photographer, Jenna Martin, to be viewed in a Picassa Slideshow. Take a look at a colorful side of Sandusky culture, and the warm embrace of fresh local goods.(click on any image to view slideshow)

Coming soon during the month of July to the Friday market will be musical acts from Toledo, and traveling musicians out of Colorado. Stop down to hang out and enjoy the sound at the Friday market.

Also this was the second week for Kids Art Fest, where kids were loaded with paint and brushes to create their own rendition of a “Cubism” painting. The Sandusky Bay Farmers’ Market website reads:

Practice canvas. photo: Jenna Martin

Every Friday from June 18th to August 6th the Farmers’ Market will host a Kids Art Fest where children of all ages can come and learn how to throw paint like Picasso. Athena Pribanic, a fine arts student at the Columbus College of Art and Design, will be instructing the event week to week. Painting instructions are provided from 3-6pm (kids can arrive at anytime to participate).

Each week kids will learn how to paint like the great artists of the past and present. They’ll be provided with non-toxic paints, a painter’s apron, practice paper,

brushes, and a final prepared canvas where everyone will paint together in the style of that week. See the dates below to attend a session:

  • June 18 – Paint like Jackson Pollack. “Throwing paint is art.”
  • Painting Cubism at the Sandusky Bay Farmers Market. photo: Jenna Martin

  • June 25
    – Painting Cubism. “Cubes or Squares?”
  • July 2 – Painting Surrealism. “Paint your dreams.”
  • July 9 Paint like Mondrian. “Red, Blue and Yellow take over.”
  • July 16Painting Impressionism. “Mixing color with light.”
  • July 23Painting Art Nouvea. “Swirls, swirls and more swirls.”
  • July 30Printmaking with puzzles. “Make your mark.”
  • August 6 – Kids Art Show.

At the end of the eight weeks, the Farmers’ Market will showcase all the kids paintings (August 6th). Afterward, the paintings will be rotated in local businesses to be sold as a fundraiser for the program and for the promotion of arts and cultural events in Erie County, OH. Bids will be taken on each painting until October 31st.

Painting Cubism during the Kids Art Fest at the Sandusky Bay Farmers Market. photo: Jenna Martin


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