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Our Pledge: It is our social obligation to bring information to you that is never sent through a dishonest filter. As an independent company, we believe you have every right to access the same information we report on in order to use that information to analyze the complexities of the private and public sectors which govern our lives, and to use your freedom to make choices that will mean a better life for you and the next generation.


Topographical maps of Sandusky that show electric railway routes in and around the city. This form of transportation no longer exists.

Founded in 2008, The Erie Wire is a communications organization where grassroot journalists bring substance-based information to Erie County, Ohio.

We are here to collect and organize information within a respectful manner of the free press, and to accurately depict any pursued event. We conduct our investigations in a fair manner alongside a professional ethic, which asks only of the reporting body to be honest when holding the candle to an unjust action.

Our efforts allow for any unreported agency to respond upon an adverse topic before the publication deadline. We edit all stories to the last detail to be fair and accurate. No depiction can be perfect, so we strive to expedite any corrections.

Our workforce is asked to respect these guidelines and uphold the integrity of the free press. All rights and privileges of the free press are in accordance to the conduct of our people.

Internship Opportunity

The Erie Wire is looking for interns in Digital Media, Business/Marketing, and to serve in the Editorial Department.

Read Proposal for further inquiry: email –

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2350 Cleveland Rd

Sandusky, OH 44870

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