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Editorial | Digital Media | Business and Marketing Internships

The Erie Wire is Erie County’s upcoming weekly newspaper that organizes at the end of each week to publish under editorial leaders Joshua B. Pribanic and Lauren C. Berlekamp. Since 2008 our innovative strategies, sagacious coverage and eccentric tastes have captured a bold readership that authenticates news in the areas of Economy, Environment|Science|Health, Agriculture and Arts|Culture.

The Erie Wire’s aligned with many of the leading regional entrepreneurs and organizations who supply a wealth of knowledge and guidance to the relationship of each publication. By working with a small team of skilled and interested interns from schools within the region – interns who have an intimate understanding of the subject matter – your publications can achieve a professional level of investigative journalism.

Editorial Internships

Here you’ll learn to become a fully developed independent journalist that is equipped in publishing with all available media formats, and acquire a unique expression for online journalism when using open source interfaces for online reporting. Our newsroom works with the latest in niche camera and audio equipment that will separate your publications from the rest of crowd.  Inside the newsroom you’ll learn to be accustomed to a categorized schedule for the publishing and planning of timeline and “timeless” objective reports.

(We expect all interns – who are accepted to work as journalists – to be skilled in handling media equipment (photo/video/audio), editing media using Final Cut or another type of Apple software, and/or having the willingness to learn these vital instruments.)

Business and Marketing Internships

At The Erie Wire you’ll be able to create breakthrough Media, Sales, or Marketing portfolios that offer customizable designs. All this will improve your resume, achieve college credit, and offer the chance to become your own Directors who can organize the day-to-day Goals/Strategies/Objectives of a news organization. Responsibilities include: learning the Media Kit, coordinating advertising sales with clients, finding new clients, coordinating mailings, organizing events and tasks unique to The Erie Wire.

Digital Media Internships

Working within the Digital Media Department (DMD) your tasks are contingent upon the ability to communicate effectively with the Editorial Board and Business and Marketing department. Doing so will result in the smooth execution of your responsibilities and requirements, that include: understanding the interface of Facebook and Twitter, Brand design/pitches/ identification/promotion/placement, a passion for multitasking, being original, understanding HTML/CSS, knowing how to work with Adobe Software (Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator), understanding Drupal/Wordpress, and knowing how to use Google Analytics and Google Alerts. We assure you that The Erie Wire is a place where creativity can thrive and is well admired.

*Internship Schedules begin and end on the following dates: Winter/Spring (January through May), Summer (May through August), and Fall (September through December).


To be eligible for an intern a candidate must be a Junior level undergraduate student, graduate student or have graduated from college within twelve months of beginning the internship. All internship candidates are to be authorized for work in the United States.


Since internships are unpaid, interns are to be eligible for academic credit during the internship (contact your counselor for information). In rare cases interns can become paid employees depending on the quality and expertise of their work.

Interns will also be eligible to use the hours of their internship as way to purchase shares in the company (examples of shares and distribution will be provided in the first meeting with any potential intern). Profits may be distributed back to shareholders proportionate to their percentage of shares for a given year. This is not guaranteed and profits may be retained by the business to cover expenses or losses. This financial model mirrored after Local Roots in Wooster, OH; a cooperative market and cafe.

To Apply

Email the following to Joshua B. Pribanic and Lauren C. Berlekamp, Editorial Board – – and write in the subject field “The Erie Wire (Choose one: Editorial/Business and Marketing/Digital Media) Internship Application”.

  1. Resume (PDF)
  2. Short Cover Letter (PDF) – include passions and reasons for wanting to work with The Erie Wire.
  3. Two Clips (PDF)

Thank you for your interest in The Erie Wire. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Joshua B. Pribanic & Lauren C. Berlekamp
Editorial Board
The Erie Wire
2350 Cleveland Road
Sandusky, OH 44870

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